• Dr. S. Dhanasekaran Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, Thiruvalluvar University, Tamilnadu


Women Empowerment, Self Help Group, economic empowerment, educational empowerment


Women in India are fatalities of numerous financial and social components. They are a essential piece of each economy. All around progression and pleasant development of a country would be possible just when Women are careful as equivalent accomplices in progress with men. Freedom of Women is a pre-essential for the country's financial progression and community upliftment. Destitution is the principal restraint for the improvement of Women. The job of women and the need to facilitate them are integral to human improvement programs including neediness easing. anyway of different projects identifying with penury lightning has been begun, it was seen that women in country territories, mainly from the poor families could have profited. A strengthening development among women the nation over have been now turned by quick advancement in SHG arrangement. Monetary strengthening of country women brings about ladies' capability to impact or settle on a choice, expanded self-assurance, better status and role in the family unit and so forth. The agreement of SHGs isn't conclusively a miniaturized scale credit venture however a reinforcement procedure. The strengthening of women through SHGs would give an advantage not exclusively to the individual women yet in totalling for the family and network all in all through the aggregate activity for improvement.




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