• Gondraje Dr. Birshah Atram Editor-in-Chief, AGPE The Royal Gondwana Research Journal


Scientific research is a way to expand new knowledge by uncovering facts. Human society has been changing in itself every moment since its origin. Today our civilized society is touching the heights of progress and science due to continuous research and research by the educated section of the society and the researchers. In the changing society every day, there is a special need for new research, through which the established knowledge and the prevailing methods in the society can be re-transmitted and their facts can be checked with accuracy. Scientific research is done to examine different areas of society which is like finding a hidden secret. Today, where countless new discoveries are happening in the world, we are doing the work of making it accessible to the researchers and teachers all over the world through this research journal.

Scientific studies are a scientific and innovative interest. It aimed toward growing the extent of knowledge, which include information approximately man, way of life and implementation of this expertise in new applications. The idea of scientific studies is likewise acknowledged now as Research and Development. Scientific studies produce technology that is integrated to an excellent volume into the technological products. Moreover, a scientific study multiplies itself.  it promotes new innovations and educates, main to social superiority. Scientific expertise has the ability to build up and multiply itself over time. it used to expertise is consolidated advanced and complemented. Scientific research is the ultimate kind of human resource development, both in terms of the ongoing training and information it necessitates and the outcomes it produces. It is a necessary action for resolving society's worldwide issues. Research has been conducted in almost every sector and is not confined to anyone. Technology, healthcare, defense, natural disaster preparedness, and many others are among them. As a result, research is incredibly vital in our daily lives.

AGPE The Royal Gondwana Research Journal is dedicated for quality research published by our AGPE Charitable Trust. We run this Journal on a non-profit basis established with the basic objective of increasing research and dissemination of knowledge in the society. The journal has been registered by government of India and verified ISSN with enrolled in Indexing and Open Access to fulfill the all modern needs of the researchers and academicians. An editorial board of our research journals is dedicated every year in an effort to bring maximum improvements and latest facilities to the researchers, scholars, academicians and readers. Research is a never ending process which continues in every field and era. While publishing the second issue of our AGPE The Royal Gondwana Research Journal, we attach special importance to the fact that Research Papers should reflect quality, facts and truthfulness. We commend for all editorial, advisory and review board members of journal for their promptly and diligent work.




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